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Each workshop is unique and we are so grateful for all our participants who make each one special. This page is dedicated to all of them. Thank you for letting us share these photos and for your lovely comments.

'I enjoyed  the authenticity of the workshop. There was time to journey through Scripture. It was practical, step by step, with lots of time to be impacted by the Holy Spirit. Do more of them!' 



'I enjoyed   breaking down and exploring the bible verses, and movement to symbolise truth. Thank you so much for all your work and preparation—it has obviously benefited so many people in their walk with God.'


'The workshop was smooth-flowing - a very helpful process for understanding the Word and applying it to everyday life.'


'I loved  having the time to reflect in chunks and to create shapes at different stages. The masks, the Cross revealed from the mountain, are very powerful. Love it! Please keep going! Thank you!' 



'Thank you so much for helping us reflect upon God's truths and be able to express physically those beliefs, spiritual understandings and related inner emotions that may otherwise be left untapped or locked away. Great to know that others find it a wonderful release too!'


'Thank you, thank you! for an inspiring and absolutely lovely workshop!!!! I came away with new insight into the Scriptures we looked at. I loved all the different ways you allowed us to explore the Scripture through movement and how it all came together at the end. It was such a privilege to watch everyone at the end. Really wonderful!!!!!! Thank you so much!!'



'Saturday was a very special experience for me...The Bible study was superb and the dance excellent. Having time for improvisation was very beneficial both for single reflection time and interaction with other members, and the dance routine to follow, learn and perform with each other was perfect - just the right length and difficulty for me. I really enjoyed the workshop and benefited spiritually, emotionally and physically from it. Thank you so much.



'Thank you so much for yesterday. [My daughter] and I got so much out of it.  I found the bible study and your summary really helpful.  I love the way the physical outworking of biblical concepts in dance and movement helps me to grasp hold of the word and my relationship with Jesus in a new and profound way... Also lovely to spend time with all those other women - really enjoyed the fellowship!  And it’s definitely amazing that [young people] can come - I think these workshops must have quite an impact on their young lives!'



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