Our workshops take us on an immersive  journey  exploring and enjoying text 
We love workshops because they provide us with a safe space to pause and reflect on life issues and biblical text. It's also a fun opportunity to meet people of different walks of life! Our workshops are open to people of all ages and abilities.
We invite participants to journey with us in a seamless immersive experience as we explore key texts and their themes and relevance, using these as building blocks for our movement. This is integrated and weaved into elements of warm up, taught movement, guided improvisation, discussion and reflection. This allows us to engage our minds, hearts, and bodies in a unique and inspiring process.
Participants work according to their own pace and ability and no previous experience is required. They are encouraged 
to wear comfortable clothing so they can move freely. We move with bare feet so no special footwear is required.
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Upcoming Events

  •  Flame and Valley (at Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain, Taunton)
    Sat, 18 Jun
    Riverside Church, Taunton
    This event is part of the programme organised by Bristol & West Region -Chrisian Dance Fellowship of Britain. Please book via their website.
  • transition...
    Sat, 09 Jul
    A movement workshop about living in times of transition and change, using text from the book of Isaiah Chapters 56-66. We will be exploring the depth of the human heart, the strength of the human spirit and the resilience that comes from hope...